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Dianne Davis

Stone has a calming, quieting, centering effect on me as soon as I touch it. I have collected stone treasures since I was very young. Now (more decades later than I care to count) it's still a thrill, while walking a forest trail or a dry river bed, to find a stone with a fossil embedded in it or an unusually shaped stone that suggests a form or ancient history.

There is a communication that takes place between stone and sculptor during the carving process that, if I listen closely and trust my intuition enough to act upon it, will take me to unforeseen and far more satisfying results. "Pushing [my personal] envelope" and venturing into unfamiliar territory - while it can trigger fear and insecurity - is where the thrill of stone carving lives for me.

My professional career has been spent as a small business owner. Art is an avocation ... a respite ... a rejuvenation. I have been carving stone for five years and began teaching stone carving classes last year.

I am also a member of Tri State Sculptors and Staunton Augusta Art Center. I have participated in shows at Staunton Augusta Art Center, Newcomb Hall at UVA and Beverley Street Galleries.

As a mother and grandmother, my love of children inspires the baby sculptures. That which lies beyond the physical inspires the abstract designs.

My hope is that the viewer will feel inspired to look "into" the sculptures rather than just look at them - exploring them tactilely, visually and emotionally.

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